How Pranks And Other Mischief Can Actually Be Illegal And Grounds For A Lawsuit

Troublemakers can sometimes engage in hijinks that might sound fun but that are actually very dangerous. While you are walking through a shopping center, teenagers might decide to toss a heavy object, such as a shopping cart or merchandise, down on top of you. These types of actions might seem strange but are surprisingly common and you might suffer serious injuries as a result.

Immature Behavior Can Sometimes End Up Being a Crime

After the incident, you will want to contact the police immediately. The individuals responsible might be arrested and charged with crimes. Even if they are arrested, this doesn't mean that you can't pursue them in civil court as well. You will then want to receive medical treatment quickly and contact a personal injury attorney.

Liability After an Accident Involving Mischief

You might think that the troublemakers are the only ones who would be held responsible for your accident. However, there are various other parties that might be held responsible. For example, if the incident occurred on private property, the owner of the private property might be held responsible. If they had a security company working for them and the company was negligent, they might also be held responsible for the accident. 

If you go to trial, the extent to where each party will be held responsible for the accident will depend on the verdict handed down by the judge or jury. However, you will generally want the party that has the most assets to be responsible for paying for your medical expenses.

Serious Injuries and Hospitalization is No Laughing Matter

After the criminal act, you may find yourself spending several weeks in the hospital and may also require years of physical therapy. For example, if a group of teens tosses a shopping cart over the floor of a pedestrian bridge at a shopping center and you are hit in the head, you may experience a severe head injury.

Afterward, you might find it difficult to engage in day-to-day activities, may need to walk with a cane, may suffer from memory problems, or might suffer from one of several other medical conditions.

The Defendant Will Try to Downplay Your Injuries

The legal team of each defendant will look for any reason to minimize the extent of your injuries as a way to reduce the judgment against them. For example, they might argue that you have recovered more than you actually have. For this reason, it's essential to work with a great legal team that will help you gather the evidence necessary to prove the full extent of your injuries.

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