How A Truck Accident Attorney Will Represent You In An Accident Caused By An Impaired Driver

There is nothing scarier for automobile owners than being hit by a truck. But unfortunately, these accidents haven't been completely phased out despite heightened road safety practices. 

As such, it is important to prepare for such eventualities. A good place to start is saving the number of a reliable truck accident attorney who would help you navigate the situation.

Read along to learn how a truck accident attorney will represent you in an accident caused by an impaired driver.

Identify all Parties Involved in the Accident

The first step towards proving liability in any road accident is identifying all parties involved and determining how they might have contributed to the collision. That's why your attorney will begin their investigations by reviewing police reports and going through witness statements with a fine-toothed comb. This is a crucial step because the police are usually the first authority to arrive at a scene of an accident.

Establish the Severity of Your Injuries

Your attorney won't stop at identifying those involved in the accident; they'll also request your medical records to establish the severity of your injuries. Your medical records will enable your lawyer to prove that the truck driver's recklessness caused you physical harm. As such, they can build a strong case for you and maximize any potential compensation you may be entitled to receive. 

Find Evidence of Driving Under the Influence

In order to bring a personal injury claim against the at-fault party, it must first be established that they were negligent when operating their vehicle. To do this, your attorney will look for evidence of impairment, such as blood alcohol content results or drug tests that link directly back to the at-fault driver's actions. Once liability is established, your attorney can move forward with filing a claim on your behalf against those responsible for causing your accident and injuries.  

Calculate Damages

When filing a personal injury claim after an auto accident, all damages must be accurately calculated to ensure you receive fair compensation. The attorney will factor in medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, future medical expenses, and more related to the crash.

Your truck accident attorney will also work closely with a reliable mechanic to assess the damage your vehicle sustained and how much you'll need to restore it to pre-accident conditions.                     

Negotiate With Insurance Companies

One of the most important steps in resolving any personal injury claim is negotiating with insurance companies involved in the case—especially if there is more than one policyholder who may be liable for damages resulting from the crash. 

Your lawyer will navigate this part of the process on your behalf so that all parties are held accountable for paying out appropriate sums based on their fault or responsibility for causing your injuries. They also understand how much money insurers are willing to pay out under certain circumstances so they can ensure that you receive maximum compensation.