4 Facts About Your Personal Injury Settlement

Have you been injured on someone else's property? If so, you may be considering your options to help pay for your medical expenses, such as file a personal injury claim. If you want to take this route to get reimbursed for your doctor bills, check out these four facts you must know about your personal injury settlement, so you get every cent you deserve. You Need to Treat Injuries Sufficiently Read More 

Three Keys For Slip And Fall Cases

Because slip and fall injuries are so serious, you need to be certain that you're doing all you can to handle your legal matters if you happen to get hurt. Slip and fall injuries are a large source of litigation since about 15 percent of accidental workplace deaths are due to these incidents. When you're interested in hiring a lawyer, breaking down the ins and outs of slip and fall cases and getting the settlement that you're entitled to, read below and follow these tips. Read More 

Why You May Be Deemed To Have Contributed To Your Slip And Fall Injuries

If you have instigated a slip and fall injury case, expect the defendant to put up a spirited fight to convince the court that you are also to blame for your accident. This may not be the case depending on the circumstances of your injury. Here are some circumstances and claims the defendant may try to prove: You Should Have Noticed the Dangerous Condition According to this argument, there are obvious dangers that every reasonable person should spot. Read More 

Weigh Your Personal Injury Compensation Options

Whether you've been injured by slipping and falling in a store, being assaulted, or any incident during your military service, there are multiple angles to consider when looking for compensation. With the exception of workers compensation, the medical bills won't go away on their own and you could be losing a lot of income that you and/or your family needs for survival. Don't tough it out or take the first offer given; consider a few of these personal injury compensation options and work towards better compensation with the help of an attorney: Read More 

When An Accident Prevents You From Earning A Living

Most people expect to have workers' compensation insurance to cover them for work-related injuries, but what about when you cannot work because of a car accident? When you are the victim of a careless driver, your finances will take a hit as well if you are unable to work due to being injured. Time spent dealing with the after-effects of the accident can mean a devastating loss of income that will eventually wreak havoc with your budget. Read More