3 Late-Appearing Injuries Caused By Car Accidents To Be Aware Of

After being in a car accident, you are likely suffering from a number of different injuries. If you aren't suffering from any visible injuries, don't assume that you haven't been injured at all. After an accident, there are a number of different late-appearing car crash injuries that could start to impact you some time after the crash. In order to get a proper settlement from an insurance company, as well as in order to ensure that you have a strong case if your car accident case has to be taken to court, you should avoid telling anyone that you weren't injured in your car accident before a certain amount of time has passed. This article will discuss a number of late-appearing car crash injuries that you should keep an eye out for.


Concussions are caused when the brain forcefully hits the inside of the skull. During a car accident, you might be hit by a flying object or have your head thrust into the steering wheel or dashboard, causing a concussion. Sometimes medical professionals on the scene can diagnose you with a concussion right away. However, if there are no symptoms or the symptoms are mild, you might not realize that you are concussed until the symptoms start to worsen. The most common symptoms of a concussion are headaches, blurred vision and loss of balance. If your concussion remains untreated, you might start to experience confusion, forgetfulness and irritability. Have yourself checked for a concussion immediately after an accident, but even if you are given the all-clear, keep an eye out for these symptoms gradually appearing. 

Soft Tissue Injuries 

A soft tissue injury is a blanket term for any injury to your soft tissues, meaning your muscles, ligaments and tendons. For example, bruises would be classified as a soft tissue injury, as well as sprains. Although you might feel fine immediately after the car accident, you might go home only to notice swelling, loss of range of motion, pain and stiffness. Soft tissue injuries often aren't noticed by car accident victims until later, due to the surge of adrenaline and endorphins usually caused by a car accident. Soft tissue injuries can get worse, resulting in tearing or permanent damage of the ligament or muscle, if they aren't properly cared for. It's important to note, in the days following your accident, any change in your range of motion and comfort level. It's important that you visit the doctor the moment you notice even mild discomfort in order to have the injury properly documented for your car accident lawyer's case or your insurance company. 


Whiplash falls under the category of a soft tissue injury, and it is one of the most common late-appearing car accident injuries. Whiplash is caused when a sudden impact violently moves your head back and forth quickly. Although you might start feeing the effects of whiplash immediately, the symptoms can also take several days to start manifesting. The most common symptoms of whiplash are sharp pains in your neck, a stiff neck and general back pain, as well as problems with your memory.

Whiplash, if not treated properly, can devolve into chronic life-long problems. Keep an eye out for the symptoms of whiplash and get to a doctor and inform your attorney when you start to notice the signs. 

These late-appearing injuries can be just as detrimental to your life and health as more overt injuries, and if you mistakenly confirm you aren't injured before you have given injuries time to appear, you might compromise medical reimbursement, insurance settlements, or a court case. Be sure that you talk with your attorney about any injuries you do notice after your car accident, as well as inform him as soon as late-appearing injuries start to present symptoms.  You can click here for info on other points you'll want to discuss with a lawyer.