Dog Park Injuries: 3 Factors That May Impact A Settlement Case

Dog parks are great ways for your pets to socialize and exercise, but they can also present dangers, and you may be injured at one of these locations. Whether you were attacked by a dog or injured in some other way, you may have to seek the help of an attorney to receive compensation for medical bills and damages. As a case is built for your injury at the dog park, there are three factors to consider for the case. By browsing through each of these factors, you can help build a strong case that gets you an ideal settlement.

Negligent Dog Owners

If you've been attacked or injured as the result of a dog, one of the main issues an attorney will try to prove is dog owner negligence. This can be showcased in a variety of ways. For example, the dog owner may have let their aggressive dog off the leash throughout the park when it shouldn't have been. Your testimony, along with witness testimony, can attest to these actions and showcase how the dog's behavior was erratic and should have been controlled better by the owner.

Another way that a dog owner could be negligent is with the proper care of the dog itself. If you were attacked by a dog that hasn't had it's proper shots, then the owner may be liable for the possible dangers that were presented to you. If the dog is missing core vaccines like the rabies shot, then you may have to be treated for these possible diseases and have an increase in medical costs. An attorney can retrieve vet and medical records to help determine what types of shots the dog has had.

Fence & Gate Conditions

An essential part of a dog park is having a properly fenced in area that can house the dogs without a danger of escaping. If the fences or gates are in bad conditions, then dogs may be able to escape and cause an injury to you even if you're just outside of the dog park. If poor conditions led to your injury, then an attorney may look into the dog park owners as a liability in the case. The state or city that owns the dog park has the responsibility to keep the park running safely as long as its open. The injury may have been prevented if the fences were properly maintained.

Special gates and fences are often used in dog parks to help separate larger breeds from smaller breeds. If you own a smaller breed dog, your dog may escape the smaller section through a broken part of a fence or gate. As you try to retrieve the dog, you could trip and fall or get injured in trying to stop a larger dog from attacking your smaller one. Besides these examples, there are multiple situations where an attorney can help represent your case and help you get compensation for the injuries that have occurred.

Dog Waste & Garbage Bins

Another area that should be kept clean are any dog waste areas. When a dog goes to the bathroom in a dog park, the waste should be properly disposed of in a bin. If these bins are full, it can present dangerous conditions on the ground. For example, a waste bag could fall out of the full garbage and create a walking hazard. If you slip and fall in a dog park, you can suffer from multiple injuries and trauma. An attorney can help you seek compensation for these injuries and help prove negligence from the dog park owners. If the garbage bins were properly cleaned and maintained, then the dangerous conditions would not have been present during your visit to the park.

By contacting an attorney soon after the injury, you can help build a case and gather witness statements as soon as possible. For more information, contact a local law firm like Tarkowsky & Piper Co., L.P.A.