When An Accident Prevents You From Earning A Living

Most people expect to have workers' compensation insurance to cover them for work-related injuries, but what about when you cannot work because of a car accident? When you are the victim of a careless driver, your finances will take a hit as well if you are unable to work due to being injured. Time spent dealing with the after-effects of the accident can mean a devastating loss of income that will eventually wreak havoc with your budget. You may be entitled to be compensated for your work wages lost because of an accident, so read on to learn more.

Vacation pay and sick leave. If you are fortunate enough to have those valuable job perks, you should not need to use them up just because another driver was careless enough to cause your injuries. Keep up with any time used from your paid time-off fund and be prepared to submit pay stubs or pay statements showing your use of your benefits for any accident related needs. You should be reimbursed for the pay you used for this purpose. This use includes not only time off for attending to your medical needs, but time spent arranging for your car replacement or rental.

What are lost wages? Any time you had to miss work because of the accident, that is lost wages. Be sure to include the following and more:

  • Time in the hospital
  • Time to see the doctor for appointments or for diagnostic tests
  • Time spent in physical therapy and/or mental health therapy
  • Time for outpatient surgeries
  • Recuperation time spent at home
  • Time spent driving to and from or commuting to and from any of those.

Keeping tabs on time: The easiest way to keep up with this time spent away from work attending to accident-related obligations is to record them in a small notebook that you can keep with you at all times. Additionally, you can use a recording app on your smart phone to make verbal notes that can later be transcribed onto a log. If you are late getting started on this record-keeping, take a quick look through your previous medical receipts to jog your memory of time spent dealing with related issues and get caught up as soon as possible.

The devastating effect of being injured in an accident will only be made worse if your financial state begins to suffer as well. Don't waste any time before contacting a personal injury attorney to get started on getting your life back to normal as soon as possible. Click to find out more.