3 Reasons You Might Want A Spanish Speaking Lawyer

If you know you or a loved one will be in a courtroom soon, you are likely looking for a lawyer for either yourself or on their behalf. But if any part of the case involves a person who speaks Spanish, you might not want to hire just any lawyer. There could be multiple advantages both in and out of the courtroom if you take the time to find a lawyer who a foreign language. Here are three reasons you might want to seek out a Spanish speaking lawyer for an upcoming case.

You or Your Loved One Will Feel More Comfortable Than With a Translator

If the defendant in the case is the one who speaks Spanish, the court system will likely offer a translator to help a publicly appointed lawyer talk to you or your loved one. But sometimes small things can get lost in translation. In this scenario, the defendant also will not be able to talk to their lawyer unless the translator is around. Having a lawyer who speaks the language can sometimes make a real difference.

The Incident Happened in a Spanish Speaking Area

If you want your lawyer to do some legwork for you before the trial such as reaching out to do depositions with potential witnesses, this can be difficult if multiple people in the case speak Spanish and your lawyer does not. Spanish-speaking citizens may feel more comfortable providing information to someone who speaks their language.

It Could Help You or Loved One With A Witness on the Stand

Finally, if your lawyer will be asking a lot of questions of witnesses when they take the stand in the courtroom, it could help your case if your lawyer can speak directly to the witness in their native language. Yes, the court will have a translator present so that the judge or jury can understand everything that is said, but having a native speaker talk to the witness could add nuance to the conversation and get the witness to reveal critical information.

If you or your loved one have a court date coming up and are in need of a lawyer, don't just hire the first lawyer you can find or settle for a publicly appointed one. If some element of the case involves someone who speaks Spanish, it could be to your legal advantage to get an attorney who can do the same. Reach out to a Spanish speaking lawyer today, like Ohio Abogado Patrick Merrick, for more information.