Injured In A Car Accident? How To Maximize Your Compensation

If you were the victim of an auto accident that caused a serious injury, you may feel that the case is pretty cut and dry. However, you may not always receive the compensation that you feel you deserve. Compensation in auto accidents is often based on a percentage of fault. For instance, if you were 25% responsible for causing the accident, you'd receive 75% of the total damages you sustained. That is why it is worth finding out how to maximize your compensation after an auto accident.

Take Photographs

By the time the police come to the scene of the accident, you may be on your way to the hospital and the cars are in a different position to clear the road. That is why you'll want to take photographs of both vehicles in their current state after the accident. This can help tell the story of what happened if you and the other driver have different stories.

You may need help proving that you were rear ended by the other driver, that the other drive was making a left hand turn, or even that the speed of the other vehicle was enough to push your car in an unnatural direction. These little details can be enough to help prove that you were not at all responsible for the accident, entitling you to more compensation in the end.

Speak With Witnesses

You'll want to stop anybody who saw the accident happen and get their contact information. If they can give a statement about how the other driver was completely at fault for causing the accident, it is another piece of evidence that can help the case go your way. If they did not stick around to give an official statement, you'll need to request that they go down to the police station and give one. A witness is another piece of evidence that can help prove your side of the story when the other driver is saying something different.

Prove The Other Driver Was Driving Under The Influence

If you are able to see the other drive after the crash, make note of the physical state they are in. You want to look for any signs that they have been driving under the influence of a substance. They may have slurred speech, pupils that are dilated, or a dazed expression. Make note of these things in your official statement to the police regarding the accident, and they may decide to follow up with testing to see if it is true.

Make sure that you then look into automobile accident attorney services in order to take legal action.