You’re In Trouble Now: Personal Injury Lawsuits That Require A Criminal Defense Lawyer

In personal injury cases, most of the time there is the person claiming the injury and desiring compensation, and there is the person being sued for said compensation. These cases are generally straightforward, and the judge may or may not hold the sued party responsible for the injured person's injuries. However, there is another set of personal injury cases where people actually die because of someone else's neglect or actions.

These cases become a two-edged sword for these people because they must first go through a criminal defense case.  Then they go through a personal injury/wrongful death lawsuit. If you fall into this latter category, you will need a criminal defense lawyer like those at Nelson Fromer & Crocco Law Offices. Here are some examples of when this may be necessary.

Vehicular Manslaughter

Vehicular manslaughter meals that you have been charged with a type of homicide wherein your car is responsible for an accidental death. You did not mean to do it, but you did, and now an innocent person is dead. If you were drinking and driving or under the influence, you could be charged with vehicular homicide instead, along with having to face DWI/OWI/DUI charges on top of that. Without a lawyer, you would spend months in jail waiting for your hearing, and you would probably be slapped with the harshest sentence possible.

Extensive Property Damage

Extensive property damage is usually defined as anything in excess of fifty to one-hundred thousand dollars. Cases like this one involve people driving straight through a storefront that has a lot of windows and minimal brick. Yet, the extent of the damage, and the recklessness it takes to smash through a storefront such as this, is exactly why a defense lawyer is needed.

Putting the Public at Risk

Cases that put the public's safety and well-being at risk are also grounds for criminal defense. This type of personal injury lawsuit results in assisting prisoners, accidentally or otherwise, escape. It also involves crashing into toxic gas and liquid trucks and tipping them over such that the contents harm others' ability to breathe and function normally. If the victims of the escaped convicts die, or the victims of the spilled toxins die, that is on you. Only your lawyer can help reduce the charges, but even then, such accidents obviously point the guilty finger at you. Your best bet is whatever reduced charges and reduced penalties your defense lawyer can help you get.