Typical Causes Of Wrong Way Accidents

A wrong-way accident can be one of the most devastating car crashes because it's likely to be a head-on collision. If a wrong-way driver crashes into your car, you need to know the exact reason they were going the wrong way to help you identify the liable party. Here are some of the common causes of wrong-way driving and the liable potentially liable parties in each case:


Intoxication impairs judgment be it as a result of alcohol use or use of another drug; this is why driving under the influence is a crime. Therefore, a driver who is intoxicated can misread road signs or fail to see lane signs and end up driving in the wrong lane. If such a driver crashes into your car, then you just have to prove their intoxication and wrong lane driving to hold them liable for your damages.


In addition to intoxication, distraction is also another common cause of road accidents. For example, driver worrying about the impending foreclosure of their home can lose focus of the road and easily find themselves driving on the wrong lane. With driving, even a lapse in driving concentration of a second or so can cause a driver to drive on the wrong lane. Again, such a distracted driver will be liable for any accident they may cause while driving in the wrong lane.

Poor or Missing Lane Markings

One of the techniques used by road designers to prevent wrong-way driving is to use lane direction arrows. The arrows point to the direction of travel to enable drivers to know which way to use. Unfortunately, there are circumstances in which lane markings may be confusing or nonexistent, causing divers to go the wrong way. This may be the case, for example, if road contractors confuse the lane markings when working to restore a road that has been damaged by water. In cases of poor or missing lane signs, the road designers, contractor and even the relevant government body may be responsible for the accidents caused by the defects.

Poor or Missing Road Signage

Lastly, a wrong way accident may also be caused by poor or missing road signs. This is because, in addition to lane markings, road signs are also used to help drivers say on the right lanes. For example, road signs can be used to indicate where lanes merge or where lanes split. In the case of a wrong-way accident caused by missing or poor road signs, the body responsible is likely to be the government arm responsible for road maintenance or the contractor who designed and paved the road.

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