3 Automobile Accident Misconceptions

Automobile accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Not only will they wreak havoc on your vehicle and possible health, but these accidents can also take a toll on your finances. Fortunately, help is available. If you were recently involved in an accident, understanding your rights is imperative. By learning the truth behind a few common misconceptions, you will understand the process of handling an automobile accident.

Low-Impact Accidents are Not Big Deals

One common misconception people believe is that if they were involved in a fender bender or another less-severe accident, they do not need to seek information about claims or potential health hazards. In reality, it only takes a minor accident to cause severe vehicle damage, injury, and financial distress.

Even if you feel physically ok after the accident, you should seek out immediate medical care. Doctors or a paramedic needs to evaluate you to determine if you have suffered any internal damage, such as bleeding, broken bones, a concussion, or even whiplash. In many instances, you may not feel any symptoms immediately, so being evaluated is essential for reducing your risk of even further injury.

Filing Insurance Claims Is Sufficient

Another misconception people believe is that they only need to file a claim through an insurance company. Depending on who is at fault, you may need to file the claim with your automobile insurance or another driver's insurance company.

While filing a claim with insurance is smart, hiring an attorney is also wise for a few reasons.

An attorney can help you navigate the process of filing an insurance claim after the accident. This ensures the claim is filed in the most effective and efficient way, reducing your risk of denials and low compensations.

Hiring an attorney may be an investment, but most people believe the investment is worthwhile. An attorney will be able to calculate the financial costs of repairing your vehicle, paying for medical bills, and dealing with financial restraints because of time lost at work.

Police Reports are Essential

Yes, police reports are important. These legal documents help show the insurance company and your attorney who caused the accident and what exactly occurred. Unfortunately, they are not the most accurate documents.

If possible, work with your attorney to talk with witnesses and take photos of the accident scene. This will help you and your attorney build your case, ensuring you receive proper compensation.

Seeking compensation after an accident is possible, but legal help is recommended. Contact a law firm, like Palmetto Injury Lawyers, for more help.